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The Premier Provider of Nortel Networks in Pennsylvania                                                     Celebrating our 12th Year in 2019. Thank You for Your Business!

                           Celebrating Our 8th Year in 2015.We Truly Appreciate Your Business!  -AJhnson

Who are YOU going to call?  -PhoneDRx!


Service After The Sale.

Do you know who will be actually servicing your business after the sale? Every single one of our customers can answer Yes to this question. At PhoneDRx, you get a qualified engineer, salesman, installer, programmer, and trainer all wrapped up in one with over 25 years of actual experience.

Yes, at PhoneDRx, we wear many hats-but the hats fit.


What Kind Of Service Record Does The Competition Provide?

How many other companies do you know that actually provide good service? At PhoneDRx, we have a proven record of sterling customer service available for your company. This means that you receive service from someone who cares, knows your product, and will continue this in the future.

Need References? -Just Ask!


It Is No Surprise That Salesmen Are Interested In Making The Sale.

But what about afterwards? What incentive, or ability do they have to ensure quality service? At PhoneDRx, service comes first. Our incentive is a continuing family-like relationship with our customers. You are family! 

Please consider this before choosing disinterested providers hungry for short term sales goals.


PhoneDRx's Exclusive 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

At PhoneDRx, we not only offer competitive equipment warranties, but also our exclusive 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Our focus is on You. To prove it, PhoneDRx offers a Lifetime Guarantee on Workmanship. 

Why not give us a try? You really have nothing to lose-except your current poor service provider!



 Contact us today to join our happy family!  Call (717) 649-2249 anytime.



AJ Johnson, Owner